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Beeing Aware

A few weeks ago, 60 Minutes aired a segment on the plight of honey bees.  Rarely do things bother me on television or in movies but the journalistic content of this story stayed with me, disturbing my psyche and my sleep.  Recently, the fact that honeybees are not returning to their hives has been brought to my attention over and over again and I am unsettled by this coincidental chain of events and the subliminal message.

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Giuliani’s Greatness

        This is neither a factual chronology of Rudolph Giuliani’s accomplishments nor a list of his qualifications to be President of the United States. It will also proffer no judgments as to his “character”. There’s plenty of time for the political assassins from both the right and the left to go after all the candidates and make certain we know, so that we can be perfectly “holier than thou” (despite all of our own shortcomings) where and when they might have stumbled; who they may or may not have slept with; whose limo or yacht or jet may have offered a free ride and how they either didn’t do this or did do that when they should or shouldn’t have.

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