Once in a great many blue moons, something utterly serendipitous occurs: This publication runs out of space and I run out of Deep Thoughts at exactly the same time.
Hence, dear reader, you are spared my opinionated bloviating, and I am spared a good deal of toil and anguish. While I gladly embrace this all-too-rare break from ranting, I do wish to rave about a few things. The reason, in fact, that we are suddenly short on space is that we’ve added some fab new features to The Lowcountry, which I will now shamelessly plug. Lanier Laney and Terry Sweeney – former writers for Saturday Night Live and lifelong bon vivants – have added to our ever-growing food and wine section with their delightful column, The Happy Wino. And Lanier takes on two of his favorite non-wine-related subjects, as well, with his new features At Home in the Lowcountry and Your Lowcountry Garden. This issue also introduces an insightful new (hopefully regular) column by Senator Tom Davis, On Politics. Meanwhile, if you’ve not yet discovered the witty, wonderful stylings of contributing editor Mark Shaffer, be sure to check out his popular feature, The Moveable Feast, for a “vicarious culinary encounter” with Montana’s.
    There’s lots of other good stuff in here, too, y’all. Art, music, theatre, commentary, and more. So enjoy the buffet! And rest assured that, next issue, I’ll find a way to squeeze myself – and my opinions – back into the mix, space or no space.