Sutty NewHeadshot“Kill the wabbit, kill the wabbit, kill the wabbit…”  Elmer Fudd had it right, from a certain point of view. But did he have it right 100% of the time? I mean, there would be no more rabbit holes, would there? I submit that sometimes the best thing that can happen to us is to be Alice in Wonderland and tumble down the rabbit holes of life here and there.

No doubt, we, as humans, learn more from our stumbles than we do from smooth strides. Is it really a stumble if we come out better on the other end? During the first part of this summer, I fell down a rabbit hole that Alice would have recognized as her home. This rabbit hole is commonly referred to as YouTube. 

   There’s an infinite amount of subject matter on YouTube that’s both fascinating and instructional. At some point in time we all probably need to know how to build a fence step-by-step or if dishwashers really do ruin Yeti cups that are supposed to be so durable. The channels on YouTube I’m talking about are channels that feature channeling. 

   Apparently, I “stumbled” upon the literal mother of a new wave of channelers. Channeling Erik (spelled with a K) is a prime example of “When the student is ready, the teacher arrives.” In 2009 a woman by the name of Dr. Elisa Medhus lost her twenty-year-old son Erik to suicide. In the wake of his death, she began to sense his presence around her and the rest of her family. This led her to hiring a medium, to then hiring mediums to record extensive interviews with her dead son, and/or spirits he brings with him, to quitting her medical practice to focus on channeling, to now being the focal point of seemingly every other medium. Notice most mediums will have Erik as their Spirit Guide or Middle Man between them and the Spirit World. For my part, I wasn’t searching for any of this on YouTube. I’m glad I found it, but my initial search on YouTube was for sound therapies for my aching back. This led to finding wonderful treasures like Steve Nobel’s channel. Steve Nobel channels meditations you can use for specific issues. Steve’s recent “Shifting a Relationship in Light Meditation” is powerful, and most importantly, practical in dealing with day-to-day life. Many of his meditations are also the recommended length for a nap without getting that dreaded sleep hangover. From Steve Nobel, I found Channeling Erik. ‘What’s next?’is an exciting question at this point.

   Certainly, I grew up listening and reading what Jane Roberts channeled from the entity, Seth. Then I eventually came to soak in Esther Hicks as the collective, Abraham. These new channels have been different, if, for no other reason, due to the volume and variety of material. It caught my attention due to the celebrities they interview as well as people that once lived “normal” lives like you and me. I understand via my cynic within that these people may not really be speaking to the likes of Marilyn Monroe and Vlad the Impaler, among many others. (It’s Halloween, so why not check ole Vlad out? It’s not anything like you’d expect.) I also don’t ultimately care if these mediums are actually talking to JFK and Elvis. Other than refusing to believe all I believe, I’ll outline why in the paragraphs that follow.

   I thought that I had a grasp of the many facets of Spirituality until I heard our God’s God’s God interviewed. Just consider that last sentence a second longer to fully appreciate my head exploding. (Check out 10 minutes with Dorqet on the Alison and Kari’s Shiny Show. The ladies that host are an absolute delight.)  Whatever shakes up our paradigm from time to time is a worthy exercise for growth. We must consider different perspectives to be sure of our own perspective while being willing to alter that perspective in the process.

   A look throughout history teaches us that from chaos comes order. For without the horrors of World War II, could we have come out of the Great Depression to realize the “American Dream” of the 1950’s? One of the biggest shockers to me was the interview Alison and Kari’s Shiny Showdid with Christopher Columbus. He agreed with many today in that he doesn’t deserve his own holiday. He claimed to have a similar soul contract as Hitler due to his fearful and cruel nature in life. 

   What one sees when they start observing many of these videos is it’s all about contrast and duality. It’s all about facing darkness to appreciate, or even see, the light. We all come from love and go back there. What learning will we take back to the love of One? As I’ve said in previous articles, karma, in the form that we humans would like it, doesn’t really exist. A theme among these videos, even the darker ones, that I have conveyed from early on, is that each individual is one’s own guru. The videos teach us to trust ourselves and love ourselves first to allow every other issue to drop into its respective place. This notion furthers the trend of ending the separation between Spirit and physical. (Even capitalizing “Spirit” in the previous sentence felt like some form of separation.)

   Some of the wilder stuff they get into is channeling the spirits of planets, stars, and aliens, oh my. Of course you’ll find the likes of Arch Angel Michael among other angelic beings they interview. Every now and then, you’ll come across a panel of mediums who will channel whole families. To find out what really happened to Anastasia and the Romanov family during the Russian Revolution tune in to the Shiny Romanov Panel. Yes, mysteries get solved here, ladies and gentleman. Perhaps it’s only from a certain point of view, but that’s okay because we can only be responsible for one point of view, right?   

   Now, some of these channels may not fit your personality or what you need at this junction of life and that’s okay. My mission here is to enlighten, not enlist. As a matter of fact, Dr. Elisa Medhus’s (mother to the Channeling Erikmovement) style of interrupting and rambling is annoying to me. I decided within my heart that her heart was in the right place and the information was just too pertinent and soul expanding to be ignored. 

   Besides being infinitely intriguing, what have been some take-aways for me? (Try meditating on the concept of infinity for a real mind stretch.) Wow, just wow, is this rabbit hole a beautiful place! I found it was and is important to apply what reaches my heart rather than judging the cover of this particular book. Allow yourself the luxury of a rabbit hole here and there. You never know where it may lead if you allow it.