Sutty NewHeadshotThe following is a compilation of things I’ve picked up along the path of Spirituality. A path I chose at 17 after being raised a conservative Christian. Is it a comprehensive list? I don’t know that; you tell me. I feel if it were comprehensive, this would likely be my last column, if you catch what I’m putting down. Some of these will be simple statements of my observations, leaving you to draw your own conclusions, and others I’ll explain as best I can.  

       Let’s start with that elusive term, enlightenment. Via movies and books, we’re led to believe it’s some sort of huge epiphany moment where the fog clears and everything is gravy from then on. It can be, but more often than not, it’s a series of everyday miracles that culminates into a lifestyle and outlook. Becoming enlightened is not a matter of gaining the ability to manifest the M6 BMW version of a wish list; it’s a changing of the perception and perspective one has on life.

         And just because you don’t manifest something immediately doesn’t mean you’re doing it wrong. The answer could be, “not right now,” rather than, “no.” The answer could also be, “No, because it will interfere with your life’s purpose.” The answer could also be, “No, we’ve got something way better for you.” This is why some people can spontaneously heal while others won’t.

         As in sports and other performance driven pursuits, talent does not always equate to results for various reasons. Spiritual abilities that involve the 6thsense and beyond do not always come along with ethics. This can be a tough lesson to learn for newbies and veterans of the woo woo world alike. Who doesn’t like flashy? Make sure you look for substance, too. Bullies come in many forms, and a dangerous thing is the so-called “master” who feels they don’t need to learn anything else other than to keep students under them. These people often show their true colors when they perceive another as competition. In a sense, they are neither bad nor good, but another opportunity for growth.

         Age is meaningless. It’s never too late or too early to start on one’s spiritual path. Complacency is dangerous at any age. “Finding one’s path” happens when it’s supposed to for the individual. I’ve personally worked with people from their teen years to their eighties. My daughter was held by my wife, myself, and my mentor at ten months old as we were attuned Reiki II. At ten, she has had three Reiki attunements herself.

         Falling in love with another’s potential is probably one of the most dangerous and unfair things one can do. In a similar vein, pedestals are equally dangerous and unfair to all involved.

         Not everyone is where you’re at. Man, has this held me back over the years. BTW, a person can be in alignment with their life purpose and be completely effed up at the same time. 

         Labels matter very little. Feelings matter very much. Reiki Masters, Life Coaches, etc. are a dime a dozen. Finding one that is growing and has grown into said title is quite another matter. Pretentiousness is a real thing in many arenas and this arena is no different.

         I’ve often written that Spirituality is not about only love and light, even though, simplistically, that’s all there is. Spirituality is about facing one’s darkness and using it as contrast to highlight the light. What I haven’t said, is that spirituality is not an end-run around life’s obstacles. We’re in human form for a reason. Humans get their noses bloodied from time to time. A person isn’t “doing spirituality wrong” if said person finds himself mired in dark dookie for a period of time. It’s called being human. Be human. Just don’t stay in the doo-doo cause you think you deserve it for that thing you did or didn’t do. We all have a thing.        

         Resist comparing your “thing” to other people’s “things.” Comparison and competition with others is the killer of contentment. What one individual considers a little scratch the next individual sees as a mortal wound. We all handle things differently in our own time. For example, I handled certain questions at the aforementioned age of 17 that some 50 year-olds are only just realizing. Another, simplistic way to put this is to think of that person we all know that comes from an excellent background with plenty of love in childhood, but turns into a P.O.S. as an adult. By the same token, have we not all come across that person that “never had a chance” as a kid and is a wonderful adult?

         Speaking of resistance: While in meditation, notice the things that you resist. Perhaps something that’s been in the ethers of your mind and heart for decades or a “minor” incident that is recent. If there is resistance, it’s not futile, it’s a hint of what to embrace with love as you would a wounded child.

         Your mind/ego is NOT your enemy as some spiritual philosophies would have you believe. Learn the difference between your mind/ego and your higher self. The higher self/Spirit/guides/Angels send simple answers that, upon reflection, make sense. It only gets convoluted by overthinking and not trusting yourself. Understand that to kill the ego is basically to get Alzheimer’s, dementia, or something of that nature. Think about that. We need our ego, otherwise our higher self wouldn’t have assumed one. 

         Being completely accepting and content with the now we find ourselves in doesn’t mean we lack ambition. It means we are at peace with each of our steps and missteps. That’s where a healthy ego comes in handy, to push us to be better than we were the day before.

         In closing, masters come in many forms, and may or may not have a title. I’m personally grateful to have found a mentor that knew when to shove me out of the nest. (It was one of those ‘I can tell you exactly where I was at’ moments.) The biggest criteria is making sure the master you follow is helping you find out that you, yourself, are your own guru.