Sutty NewHeadshot            As I write this article, we’ve got another full moon coming at us this week. For some of you, that screams, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, “May I ass you some questions?” Hilarious movie, I know, but for a few of us it’s not fun and games. Crazy poop goes down during the full moon and sometimes the new moon.

(Google what happened on the Harbor Island bridge the last new moon on October 8th. You can’t make up, “drunk, naked woman causes a head-on.”) Heck, I used to work with a fella at the Department of Revenue in Columbia that you just didn’t mess with during the full moon. The rest of the days of the month, he was a really nice guy and a good friend. Full moon, you just didn’t know what you were going to get.

            I digress and now that we’ve got that celestial body out of the way, what about the rest of the cosmos? It can be something every day. For heart-felt growth, we must be vigilant in our daily meditations, that’s for sure. But when is enough enough? As interesting and informative as they are, I follow plenty of holistic pages on Instagram to keep me overwhelmed and frozen in fear if I allow it. Everyday there’s a “Full moon in Taurus will also be opposite Venus in Retrograde in Scorpio. Scorpio and Taurus is the death/birth polarity. It’s time to put to rest who you’ve been in the past and open up to who you’re going to be now. This full moon will awaken you to a new way of life.”

October 19th was a G1 Space Storm with symptoms including extreme fatigue with an inability to sleep. But you’ll have vivid and realistic dreams/nightmares that leave you feeling zoned out, irritable, anxious, and forgetful with flu-like feelings. It goes on and on in this vein. Do I believe in all this stuff? Yes, I’m even friends with a sensitive someone that was afflicted in this manner. However, multiply these two postings by dozens more a day. It’s interesting that people assume that since I am holistically-minded that I am very knowledgeable in the arena of astrology, among other things. Couldn’t be further from the truth. I know just enough to know that it doesn’t attract me for daily use. More specifically and more powerfully, I know what I know. As long as I’m open-minded and willing to update said knowledge, I’m good to go.

So let’s table astrology for a second and talk numerology. Same thing, in my opinion, as astrology and this is coming from a man with a daughter who was born on 9/9/09. That birthday is another thing you can’t plan or make up; it just was fated to be that way. From what I’ve been able to glean in cursory studies of numerology, my daughter’s birthday, personality, and overall vibe lends a strong endorsement to the study of numerology. However, I didn’t need a unique birthday or in-depth analysis to tell me that my little one is special. Some things just are.

Now, what about food? We can use food to heal in all manner of ways. The very fact that there’s so much information, some of which is conflicting (remember the word conflicting) can cause a ton of confusion. I have another colleague who takes her food healing very seriously. She’s intensely and impressively knowledgeable about her trade, among other things in the energy work world. Even she draws the line sometimes and just eats what’s in front of her because she’s hungry.

What about crystals and stones? This is something that I buy into personally even more than the rest of these modalities. I’m aware of and interested in the properties that certain stones feature. I know that particular stones are ideal for specific situations, ailments, or enlightenments. Again, I have a friend and peer who has an encyclopedic knowledge of our earthy friends. All due respect to her, I’d rather listen to my intuition telling me which little buddy to sleep with, meditate with or carry in my pocket and which ones need to go outside to breathe in the light of the full moon. The key word in that last sentence is listen.

I could go on and on with further examples, but this will suffice for now. So what’s the answer here? I feel it’s twofold. If something, be it a person or a modality like astronomy leaves you more confused and conflicted than it helps you, it should give you pause. That’s good, it means you’re thinking and feeling things out rather than being led. We can go further by listening to my favorite Buddhist quote: “Everything in moderation.”