Memorial Day 2014:

I was trading a hands-on session with my mentor. Always kind with her time, she is. It was my turn for her to work on me.  My turn to see what impressions my body and aura were going to clue her in on for my personal growth and education. Having had hundreds of sessions conducted on me over the years, why does this one stick out? Usually I take note, integrate, and move on. (Sometimes I move on too quickly, but that’s another article.)

Twenty minutes in to the session and it was a yawner. Usually, all sorts of stuff is happening. Suddenly she drops my feet from about six inches off the table and intones, “Sutty, you have got to learn to receive.” What? What was she talking about? Even though I didn’t like it, I felt the truth of her statement and understood her frustration. I had been on “the path” for several years and received the vaunted title of Reiki Master, after all. Of course, I knew how to receive, didn’t I? Did I?

Modern Day:

Keep in mind that the context that I’m referring to from 2014 is energy work. (Energy work can be defined as my version of mental health maintenance and growth.) Regardless, receiving can apply to anything, can’t it? No? How well do you receive a compliment then? I suspect we got a bit cringey just then. And that’s just a compliment, not something as soulful as forgiveness.

Further, this column is setting aside greed for a naïve minute. Not talking about the leeches of life nor suggesting you become one either. No take, take, take, toleration here. Nor is this intended to include people who view kindness and generosity as a weakness to be exploited. Send love to these souls. Yes, they have souls, even though we would like to think otherwise and they do nothing to dissuade the rest of us of this notion.

As a side note, it is wild to think that those we detest come from the same place the “lambs of God” do. If two sides of the same battle are praying to the same God before they prey on one another, what’s really transpiring?

Back to my point: Why is it so much easier to give than to receive? Control comes to mind. We control who and what we give our time, money, and affection to when we give. Not always on a conscious level, but see if you feel some truth there.

How well do you receive the news or what you perceive as the news? If it makes your blood boil, consider stopping or curbing your appetite unless you like boiled blood. Some people are into that kink.

Back to forgiveness: How well do you receive forgiveness? It starts with you, ya know—the individual. I still have trouble moving beyond the concept of forgiveness sometimes. Those are some muddy, deep waters, forgiveness is. Start with the knowledge that the “e” in receiving comes before the “i,” if you have to. Start with concepts. Whatever you need to do to begin the start, start there. Part of receiving is being receptive, or open, in the first place.

I encourage you to be open to the small victories in life this holiday season and beyond. No time like the present to start. It could be that you didn’t smoke all the cigarettes, eat all the elf cookies, or drink all the beer. That’s actually a big deal if you allow it. Perhaps you vow not to get down on yourself for mere sinful considerations. Maybe you held your tongue when all you wanted was to dole out a good verbal lashing. I’m sure they deserved it.

If you receive a holiday gift that touches your heart, don’t say, “You shouldn’t have.” Instead, send an old-fashioned thank-you card. I have always done this regardless, ‘cause Mama said so. Still, it’s a point to consider in your journey. Also, a bit of gratitude goes a long way.

How well do you listen? What? HOW WELL DO YOU LISTEN? Is it only for when the other person takes a breath so you can continue the verbal vomit that pushes an agenda you may only be vaguely aware of? Listening is a form of receiving and it is the hallmark of a good mate. I mean mate in the broader sense here, but whatever applies. Be the mate you want to be with—receive that ideal while refusing to bash who you are now.

Commit to giving the same love you want to receive in all that you do. That’s the new woke. Actually, it’s old as time, we just lose sight of the simple pleasures in life. Striving to receive lovingly is part and parcel with balance. Balance brings peace of consciousness and consciousness is the new wanderlust. Wander where it ta