headshot-ianhartA lot of people pray for an easier life: to hit the lotto, to lose weight while they’re sleeping, or the magic bullet for health and energy. Rarely do you hear people asking for the challenge of becoming a stronger person. But in becoming a stronger person, life naturally becomes easier. Everything in life is perception, and for a strong person, certain problems or goals seem negligible, while the same problem or goal to a weaker person seems insurmountable.

Let’s use T. Harv Eker’s scale of 1-10 as an example. On this scale, ten is the best or strongest person you can be and 1 is the worst. If you are a level 10 person and you encounter a level 5 problem, then it will seem like no big deal. If you are a level 4 person, however, and you encounter a level 5 problem it will seem like your world is caving in. As in training, a person who is out of shape doing simple exercises might feel like they are about to hit a wall. While someone who has been training properly and consistently who does the same routine, will feel like he or she is taking a walk in the park.

The # 1 reason people do not reach their goals is that they don’t change their behavior patterns. If you want different results you have to be willing to do something different from what you have done previously.


Here are 7 things that make you a weaker person:

– Overindulging in alcohol and food

– Denying reality, i.e. lying to yourself and others about your situation

– Being controlled by fear

– Not letting go of the past

– Being self absorbed

– Not exercising and being physically active

– Procrastination


7 Things that will make you stronger:

– Eating healthy

– Prayer and meditation

– Setting daily, weekly and monthly challenges

– Doing a weekly inventory on positive behavior changes

– Assessing your weaknesses and consciously making an effort to decrease or eliminate them

– Be generous and giving of your time to someone in need

– Personal training – it tests your mental and physical strength and pushes you to be a stronger person mentally, physically and emotionally

So for 2011, I challenge you to NOT have a New Year’s resolution, but to change your behavior patterns, and become a stronger person. A list of New Year’s resolutions is really just a list of procrastinations. If you focus on changing your bad habits, you will no longer need a New Year’s resolution. You will be on an inevitable path toward your goals.


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