Sometimes we need to just riff until something shows up that needs to be heard. Sometimes things are presented in such a manner, giving us little alternative but to roll with it or be rolled under. Such was the case with this article. I never intended to write on this subject, you see? At least not right now. I was supposed to interview my good friend, the holistic chiropractor extraordinaire. Circumstances being what they were, it just wasn’t meant to be this time around. I look forward to seeing her soon though.

That said, I decided to draw four tarot cards to get us going—to see what needed saying. Before I reveal the nature of the cards, a little bit about tarot, because that’s all I have, a little bit. It’s true, I don’t know much about tarot cards, nor do I know a bunch about nature spirits, nor do I know the names of all the archangels. I like numerology, but more as a passing interest. My daughter was born on 9/9/09, after all. Never been super into astrology. For that matter, I only know a little bit more about stones and crystals than tarot cards. Googling tarot doesn’t give you much either. Tarot is defined as playing cards used for fortune telling purposes.

This is where internal work pays off. You’re saying, “Sutty, you just said you don’t know that much about X, Y, and Z, so what can you possibly have to tell us?” I can tell you this, however. I know these listed above, and more, are just tools for Spirit to communicate and take care of us. Merely a tool is what I equate tarot to. It matters little as to what the vehicle is. This isn’t the Autobahn or South Florida. Part of my intention here is to take some of the mystery and stigma away from such educational venues as tarot cards.

“Yeah, but Sutty, tarot cards, and the like, are the devil’s work.” Sure is, if you put that on it. No, I’m not being cute. I’m simply pointing out that such things are no different from even the most mundane. In our lives, ya get out of something what ya put on it or in it. The same way food can be turned into a weapon of self-sabotage, while also being a means of bringing friends together in fellowship.

The tarot deck I’m using contains sixty-five cards and was compiled by John Holland. He also wrote the companion guidebook. I’ll use some of his words while adding my own intuitive spin for the purposes of whom this will reach. As with any other time I write for Wholly Holistics, things come to me in a very specific way meant for a person or a group while being available for more general consumption.

So, without further ado, let’s have the cards please. Just so you know, the question, or intention I set when drawing these four cards was, “What do my readers need to hear today?” And why four cards? Why not three or five? I heard four, so there ya go. I was also told which order to pull them. I have faith it will mean something to someone.

First Card: Heartache and Loss—Pictured is an attractive, albeit mournful, looking woman gazing down. I drew it upside-down (sometimes this matters with your interpretation). On her belly a heart while she’s standing in a cave that gives her the appearance of having angel’s wings. This card revolves around disappointment, sorrow, and separation, which can cause upheaval and distress. The painful experiences of life are just as valuable as the joyous ones. Life does have a way of pushing you forward, even though you may not always know the final destination. As you endure this period, learn not to dwell on the past, but use your strong mental control to deal with your emotions. This card could be seen as a negative or turned on its head as a catalyst. The choice is yours.

Second Card: The Waiting Game—This indicates you’ve worked hard to set things in motion within certain arenas of your life and are now waiting for the results to come to fruition. Pictured is an hour-glass with a tree and its roots shown inside. Around it is a bunch of swirls that a man is walking around. (Originally, I drew another card for this slot, but was informed it was number four and this would be number two. As it happens, the card’s number is also number two.) The number 2 is all about choice and decision. You’re no longer held prisoner by old beliefs. Those constraints have been removed. Expect the best while being open to your power of intuition. Intuition is currently at a peak for you right now. Achievement and success are assured, but don’t let it change who you are or forget what got you here. Stay on your spiritual path, for it will continue to guide you on your journey of the soul.

Third Card: The Heart Chakra—As I grew into my spiritual adulthood, I find it no accident that my favorite color, since childhood, has been green. Green is usually thought of as the color that corresponds to the Heart Chakra. I feel this card has been placed before us to remind us of the ties that bind. The Heart Chakra is smack in the middle of the traditional chakra system. It links the base, physical world to the ethereal spirit world. Without this chakra as a governor, chaos ensues. It teaches us balance. For if we don’t accept the physical, how can we compare and contrast it to the essence of where we hail from? When we learn to forgive, we learn to be in harmony with Spirit. To hell with the forgetting part that people like to put on top of the seeming nebulous art of forgiveness. REMEMBER whatever you won’t forget. It keeps you from making the same mistakes with the same a**holes. I feel the key here is anger. When we can remember certain painful and embarrassing issues without the anger, we’ve got the drop on forgiveness. Sounds like it requires bring all chakras into play, does it not? No accidents, remember.

Card Four: Memories of Love—As we enter the holiday season, are you feeling nostalgic? Is there a message in the nostalgia? What feelings, of days gone by, does it invoke? Time to ask yourself what growth opportunities nostalgia can offer.

Pictured are cupped hands placing floating tea candles in a pond with stones at the bottom. Has a person from your past stepped back in for an encore? How does it benefit your current life? Perhaps it’s just as innocent as always enjoying a movie like The Polar Express with the family. There’s growth opportunity there too. Consider that your heart and soul are asking you not to dwell in the past, but to use inspiration and joy from that time to assist you with the here and the now.

One thing I always tell my clients, be it in person, remotely, or in this unique venue, is that it matters what you think and feel these messages mean. I offer my perspective and guidance, but there’s no one size fits all. For some, a cow means food, to others it’s sacred, to yet others, they may be afraid of cattle and animals of such a size. Feel me? Well, really I need you to feel you, but you know what I mean.

Think you’re not getting communication from the other side? You don’t need someone like me to inform you. Find your tools yourself, be it tarot or other. Ask for signs, then be willing to receive them and incorporate them. That is ALL. Sutty loves ya.