lunchlearn String ClassBeaufort’s own original series, ‘Lunch and Learn’ is back.  This spring series of classes, lectures and workshops, presented in the Gazebo at the Port Royal Farmers’ Market, has educated and entertained novice and experienced gardeners for the past nine years. Learn about gardening in this unique climate from local professionals and Master Gardeners. 

The classes this year begin the first Saturday in April, April 6th, and continue through to the endLunchLearn of June. (See schedule below.) It’s free, and no registration is necessary. All you need to do is show up with a folding chair! It starts at noon, but come early and leave your folding chair to reserve your space, and visit the vendors of the fresh fruit and produce, prepared foods, wonderful cut flowers, perennials, trees and shrubs you’ll find at the Farmers’ Market. You’ll find great food stalls as well. Come for breakfast; stay for lunch! And then attend Lunch and Learn. Dozens of plants are given away each year as door prizes. You may be one of the lucky ones.   

Lunch & Learn 2019
The Gazebo at the Farmer’s Market, Heritage Park, Port Royal
Saturday Classes begin at 12:00 noon and are free. Just bring a folding chair!






April 6

Right Plant, Right Place 

Jay Weidner

A little pre planning will keep that lovely tree or shrub you planted from blocking your driveway or wrecking your house foundation. 


April 13 

Do you say Herbs or ‘erbs?  

Jenny Staton 

Herbs, as well as life, can be beautiful!  And you’d be surprised at how many different kinds thrive here.  Jenny loves to cook and step outside her door for fixins’.

April 20

Put ‘em Up!  

Bob Guinn  

Preserve nature’s bounty. Literally.  Or can it, freeze it or dry it.  It’s good to know what actually is in the food you prepare!

April 27

Veggies for the Ornamental Garden

Laura Lee Rose

So many veggies make beautiful plants as well as great eating.  If you don’t have room for a veggie garden, Laura Lee will let you know what you can tuck into your flower beds for beauty and bounty. 

May 4

Lawn Alternatives

Joe Allard 

Turf lawns are beautiful, but ecological thugs.  There are other ways to make your landscape inviting.  And less work.

May 11 

Do You Know More Than You Know You Know?  

Sandra Educate

Probably more fun that educational, this interactive class will challenge you!  Prizes, too!

May 18

Fooling Mother Nature

Jay Weidner

She’ll let you grow lots of plants that she didn’t put here if you pay attention.  Learn which ones to introduce and which to avoid.

May 25

Botany in the Produce Aisle

Victoria Bergesen

Learn the real back story behind the fresh fruit and vegetables that you find in the supermarket. 

June 1

Ground Covers  

Laura Lee Rose 

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly!  Things to know before introducing these workhorses into your garden 

June 8

Palms for a Tropical Look

Lora Quincy

The care and feeding of these stately symbols of the tropics.  Like humans, these palms live long enough to become very Senior Citizens, so keep them healthy. 

June 15 

Sedges and Ornamental Grasses  

Natalie Bowie 

These plants gain in popularity every year as new and more cultivars are introduced.  Easy care and low maintenance, you need some in your landscape.  

June 22 

Pot et Fleur   

Sandra Educate 

French indoor garden décor that lets you successfully mingle fresh flowers with living plants.  

June 29

Keeping it Growing

Amanda McNulty

Our signature season-end class.  Join Amanda and a great panel to answer your gardening questions.  And don’t forget to wear an imaginative hat! .