fashion-grannyDear FASHIONGRANNY,

I am in my ‘60s and I am considering letting my hair grow from a ”below the ears” length to a jaw line or mid-neck length. I want to look my best, so I am a bit hesitant.

Is longer ok at my age or should I shoot for short and perky?


Not a Stepford Wife



Dear Not a Stepford Wife,


Great question! Hair is such a big deal for us humans, no matter where it grows, but when it is growing on your head, hair is as a Crown set upon it, and it gains the most attention. Therefore, the most becoming style and shape is what makes up not only first impression, but long lasting impression as well.


FASHIONGRANNY has faced this dilemma and has come to a conclusion, a totally becoming hairstyle for me and hopefully an answer for you.


Long ago and far away, I wore my long hair in a chignon, or pulled back tight in a braid. Sometimes I would even let “it” out and down. This took a lot of styling, but Oh My! At the risk of reading my own publicity, what a fabulous head of hair! What a sparkling Crown! Don’t hold the applause!


Then suddenly, one midnight hour 30 years ago, I decided to “change my look.” I really wanted to change me, but all I knew to do at the time was to change my hairstyle. I‘d changed hair colors enough over the years that I had stock in Clairol. This no longer worked. Maybe a haircut would make me feel better. I stood firm in front of the medicine cabinet mirror (do they still have medicine cabinets?) armed with the poultry shears (could not find the sewing scissors), and pulled my waist length braid in front of my shoulder and lopped it off!


My naturally curly hair rose up in rebellion above my ears as I stood, horrified, gaping at the “new me,” shears in one hand, 18” braid drooping dead in the other! Janet Leigh’s famous expression in the shower scene from Psycho paled in comparison to the face I saw staring back at me in the mirror! Warning: Kids, do not try this at home!

There is more to that story, but cutting to the chase, after crying for two weeks, numerous head scarves, and several trips to Mr. Lee’s House of Beauty, I finally figured out my new look; for those who don’t know the elusive FASHIONGRANNY, my hair is now, and has been for years, very close cropped. People tell me constantly how becoming it is. Men like the look – although I find most men prefer long hair on women – and women tell me they wish they could do the same, they just “don’t have the guts”! They also tell me I have such a nice shaped head. What does that mean?

I do know what that means, yet it is an interesting observation spoken aloud. Sort of freeing for both conversationalists. I always answer with a polite “Thank You!” and I mean it. I follow with a comment about how it is a “wash and wear” style! I mean that, too. I really do feel this is my best look at this time, at this age, with this maturing face.


Here are some of the things I would like you to consider when changing your hairstyle:


•   Will the shape of your face be at its best with the style you yearn for?


•   Do you have jowls? If so, long hair will make them appear increasingly jowly!


•   How about your ears? Spock-like perchance? Nothing wrong with that, but do they match up with your hair length?


•   Is your hair naturally curly? If you are not prepared to mess with it regularly, setting and spraying, picking and straightening, especially in humid climates? Forget about it!


•   Unless you’re going for a free-style look, are you prepared for a romance with your hairstylist?


•   Go to a Beauty Supply store that sells wigs and try on every look you‘ve ever wanted to have! Take photos with your phone, go home, and peruse. This will save a lot of stress, money and a possible mental breakdown.


All I am saying is this: Think about your Crowning Glory, as there may be a whole lot of changes that will take place before you land on your ideal hairstyle – the one that’s perfect for you and you alone. A lot of self-loathing and introspection, perhaps. Our egos are really caught up in our hair!


I just wanted a new me, not a catharsis! Yet it was worth the price of admission, as I have found my “look” and I am truly content with my choice. My ego is at rest.


As for your suggestion of a “perky” look? Perky applies to two things when it comes to females: Girls under the age of 20 and your bosom. Not hair.





Where do I find the best seamless underwear in the Lowcountry?


Miss VPL


Dear Miss VPL,


Now we’re talkin’! Forget about, ”Where can I get the best pulled pork in the County?” Let’s get right on to the important things! Seamless Undies! Yeah Baby!


FASHIONGRANNY has two suggestions:


•   Victoria’s Secret has a great and effective selection. In our neck of the woods, you can pick from Shelter Cove Mall on Hilton Head or Oglethorpe Mall in Savannah.

•   TAFFETA Boutique on Hilton Head Island at Shelter Cove Harbor, right at the Neptune Statue. They carry FASHINO brand panties and bras, with a good size range as well. FASHINO is from Italy and were the first no seam, nude, second-skin underwear marketed. Well worth the price!


Local shops, forgive me if I have left you out. If you have, what Miss VPL is looking for, please email me and I will be more than happy to post your business name. I am all about shopping locally!


We love a smooth look don’t we?

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