Think about it; who wouldn’t want Christmas in July, if not year around? Not talking about a rinse and repeat of generational dysfunction or the annual, gut-check reminder of halcyon days of Christmas past. No, I’m talking Bing Crosby’s White Christmas or Tom Hanks in the Polar Express.

In fact, it’s the main theme of Polar Express I want to talk about. Recall the simple thing the main character was supposed to do to always be able to hear the bell ring—to always be able to see Santa Claus. If you don’t recall or, heaven forbid, have never seen the movie, that simple thing was to believe. We do tend to muddy the waters of something intended to be simple, however.

Could we start by examining the myopic belief that there is only ONE WAY. “ONE WAY” should be nothing more than a road sign meant to keep us safe, not a way of life. Don’t allow me to tread on your beliefs, but be reasonable and admit that the “ONE WAY” attitude has led to many wars, persecutions, and purges. Doesn’t it feel good be among the chosen ones? Me, I’d rather be among the flexible ones.

So, what comes first then among these two? Believing or perceiving? Do we perceive to believe or believe to perceive? No, I’m not trying to be clever in my wording here, it just worked out that way. Nevertheless, it matters how you answer those questions within yourselves. For if you base your beliefs only on the narrow vantage point of your perceptions, “Well thennie,” as the mountain folk might say, you have your answer.

While we’re rhyming, do we believe to receive or do we need to receive to believe? That’s a little Manifesting 101. When practicing this, do not forget to believe in the here and now as much as the esoteric. Speaking of esoteric, Lord knows the transpersonal experience can shatter beliefs the way it did for me with my first out-of-body experience in the Spring of 1992.

Perhaps we can start with nothing more than a love of believing. Let that percolate your days until you believe in love. After that, don’t stop believing.

What’s old is new. Just because something was abandoned doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be believed in any longer any more than the newest flashy fad. Classic never goes out of style; it always comes back around. (All subjective there, isn’t it?) It’s the 20’s, so why not stop believing the box we’re supposed to believe in was ever there until someone believed in it.

Flip the coin and ask yourself what you never wanted to believe, yet was still true? Have you spent far too much time believing in others rather than yourself? If you answered yes to that question, dare to believe that if you confront the ick within, in even a small way each day, your perception of the same reality will change. Hint: The “ick within” usually presents itself during quiet and meditative times.

Think this is hippy dippy s***? The placebo effect is in our reality for a reason. What justifications have you fervently held onto that in retrospect are frankly appalling? How many beliefs has life debunked? Bear in mind that not all of them have to be Earth-shattering. I was today years old when I found out that the inward bump of a milk jug is designed to jut outward when spoiled. Hmm . . .

Dare to believe in leading with your heart. Enable the “easy button” in a way that being an enabler never could. Believe that everything’s working out for the best no matter how crappy it may feel at the time. Change is part of growth and we came here to grow, not bask in the afterglow of desire forevermore.

As a Carolina fan, I’ve got no choice but to believe these days. I keep hope alive by reminding myself that there was once a verb called “Clempsoning.” Yeah, y’all know what I’m talking about. Coach Bowden was glorious until Dabo Swinney was elevated from wide receiver coach to HBC.

Believe that no matter how studiously you ignore something doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. That said, every now and then it works out like Phil Mickelson snagging the PGA at Kiawah earlier this season. He ignored the fact that he was 51 and redoubled his efforts to add to his already hall of fame career.

Believe in the unbelievable. Think how often the unbelievable has become the attainable as we approach the 52nd anniversary of the moon landing on July 20th. It takes daring and bravery to believe differently, but believe the juice is worth the squeeze.

What do we know from the world of art? I’ve been on a Harry Potter reading binge lately. J.K. Rowling took belief in her talent and ideas to render international best sellers that made her as much money as the Queen of England.

Believe in finding magic in the mundane. Hearing birds sing and being able to clip one’s own nails is no small thing to the disabled. Become amazed at yourself. Believe in yourself. Believe in Christmas in July. That is ALL.