By Jason Carnes

In today’s world, we have become reliant on communicating without physical interaction. The internet  is a critical tool for staying close to the people and things that matter to you. February is Random Acts of Kindness Month, and this is a practice we can all get in the habit of everymonth. Here are some ideas for virtual random acts of kindness:


  1. Give a positive recommendation to a work colleague on LinkedIn. Help your colleagues build credibility in their network with a testament to their skills.
  2. Purchase a Wish List item for a local nonprofit. Ordering items online isan excellent contactless way to donate.
  3. Become a Mentor in your field of expertise.Offer free consultations, materials, or advice to those looking to succeed in your field.
  4. Write a Positive Review for a local business.Help your favorite small businesses stay open by singing their praises.
  5. Send a virtual greeting card. There are tons of free cards online to download.
  6. Send an e-gift card. Treat your friend to their favorite pick me up.
  7. Throw a virtual surprise party for someone. Celebrate someone’s birthday or accomplishment with a gathering of their favorite people on one screen.
  8. Email a former teacher of yours to say thank you. Think back to those who had an impact on your development. It is never too late to thank them.
  9. Tutor someone online for free. Online school can leave students feeling lost and in need of extra support.
  10. Be kind to yourself. Don’t forget to treat yourself with the same kindness you give others.


Acts of kindness not only make others feel good, but they remind you of the impact that your actions can have. Taking a few minutes out of your busy day to do something for someone else can have a long-lasting effect on them. People often remember genuine compliments long after they receive them, and favors can keep someone afloat in a time of need. Let’s all try to incorporate random acts of kindness into our routine to make our community more united.


Jason Carnes is General Manager of Hargray Communications.