Have you ever thought of what you could do with a doula?

      This may sound like a strange question, if you know what a doula is.  In my recent informal survey in Beaufort County, I found out that most folks have never heard this word nor have any idea what to do with a doula.

     Doula is an ancient Greek word meaning “woman’s servant” or “a woman of service.”  In today’s world, a doula is (usually) a woman trained to provide various forms of non-medical and non-midwifery support (physical and emotional) in the childbirth process.  A doula may offer support during prenatal care, during childbirth and/or during the postpartum period. A birth doula provides continuous support during labor and birth at a hospital, birthing center or home birth until a short time after the baby has arrived. A postpartum doula typically begins providing care in the home after the birth, which might include cooking for the mother, breastfeeding support, newborn care assistance, errands, light housekeeping, etc.  In some cases, doula care can last several months or even to a year postpartum – especially in cases when mothers are suffering from postpartum depression, children with special needs require longer care, or there are multiple infants.

Whether providing prenatal, labor or postpartum service, a doula provides the birthing family with an abundance of wisdom, knowledge, and nurturance.

So what do you do with a doula?  Use her to give you and your family in-depth and compassionate support during any phase of your childbirth experience.


Ifetayo Jacqueline White is a Doula (ALACE trained), CMT, Wellness Coach,and  Reiki Master-Teacher, with CHOICES Birthing & Growing Family Support Services, on Lady’s Island. Ifetayo will be offering a free workshop to the community, “YOU Can Make CHOICES for the BIRTH of YOUR CHILD: Exploring all the ways of creating a safe, nurturing, and personal birth experience” on  Sunday, Jan. 17, 2-4 p.m. at Yoga Chandra Yoga Center, Lady’s Island . She may be reached at (802) 730-3071.