touchtruckPigeon Point Park invites local families to touch some trucks, take some pics, and maybe even buy some bricks…


An exciting adventure is in store for Beaufort area youngsters when “Touch A Truck” comes to Pigeon Point Park, Saturday, April 21st from 9 a.m. to 12 noon.


All sorts of large vehicles used by the City will be lined up in the park for children to climb on and examine! Picture opportunities will abound to “Make a Memory.” Besides the fun of touching and climbing, cookies and drinks will be served to participating children.

Also that day, bricks that can be inscribed with dedications will be available for purchase through the “Make A Memory” brick sale. These bricks will later find their permanent home on the walkways in the park. All proceeds from the sale of memorial bricks will be used for further amenities in accordance with the Park Master Plan in this beautifully restored community park.

The Pigeon Point area has a fascinating history, which includes one of the first airports in Beaufort, a famous dueling site, a county Poor House, and the site of the National Cemetery. A quotation from Gerhard Spieler’s column of November 20, 1984, in the Beaufort Gazette stated “According to Toland Sams, father of Reeve Sams, the tract got its name for the wild passenger pigeons which regularly passed through here. The pigeons even survived the War Between the States and the quartering in Beaufort of the Union soldiers to whom pigeon pie most likely had some appeal.”

Development of and restoration of this beautiful city park has been an ongoing project of the City of Beaufort and Pigeon Point Neighborhood Watch.


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