Twenty-one years later, the BMH Valentine Ball is still going strong.

keep-beaufortvalentine3“It takes a community to care for a community.” “Help keep the ball rolling.” For six months now, these two expressions often have been repeated in publicity for this year’s Beaufort Memorial Hospital’s Valentine Ball scheduled for Saturday, February 6th at the Lyceum in Paris Island.

Why are these words so appropriate?  Why do they warrant repetition?  It’s  because it literally does require the entire community working together to organize and conduct the Valentine Ball.  It requires 2 co-chairs.  It requires 14 committee chairs to assemble dinner parties, gather fabulous auction items; line up sponsors; write the auction booklet, address and stuff envelopes; plan and oversee decorating the Lyceum;  make parking arrangements; and coordinate publicity.  It requires 50 or more homes to  host dinner parties.  And, most importantly, it requires some 750 caring

people in the community to buy tickets and enjoy this stellar event.

Why go to the Valentine Ball?  Because it is a festive evening unique to Beaufort and different from philanthropic events we have attended before. keep-beaufort-vball

Where else can we be elegantly hosted in a “stranger’s” home?  Over twenty years ago, Beaufort Memorial Hospital’s Valentine Ball Committee originated the idea of hosting elegant dinner parties in community homes prior to the Ball.  This unique idea for raising money for our hospital still is going strong!

How is this possible?  The answer is simply this:  “Our community cares!”  Each year, our community volunteers its time and creative resources to organizing and orchestrating the Valentine Ball.  The Ball gives back to the community.  This year, proceeds are earmarked for expansion of the Emergency Department at BMH.  Expansion is much needed: In 2009, the ER treated over 37,000 people.  That’s equivalent to almost three times the entire population of Beaufort!

keep-beaufort-valentine2Giving to BMH by supporting the Ball helps guarantee the future of our community.  The stronger our local hospital, the better our medical care will be.  Last year, “Money Magazine” listed Beaufort as one of the nation’s top ten places to retire.  It also listed Beaufort Memorial Hospital one of the reasons Beaufort is on this unique list.  The two enviable distinctions are linked inseparably.

How can you make reservations to “help keep the ball rolling?”  Contact Brenda Molony at 522-5774 or visit the website: