Herban Marketplace Hosts Healthy Eating Classes with Sarah Mastriani-Levi

EatWell-Sarah-Mastriani-LeviHerban Marketplace, the Lowcountry’s premier organic grocery, will host “Eat Well. Live Well. Stay Well Healthy Eating Classes” starting on July 20, 2014 from 3 – 5 pm. Classes have been designated as either ‘beginner-level’ or ‘advanced-level’ depending on the participant’s interest level and experience in preparing vegetarian, vegan, and raw foods.


This series of classes will be taught by Sarah Mastriani-Levi, Certified Holistic Health Coach and Chef, in a workshop atmosphere next door to Herban Marketplace (previously Suzara’s Kitchen) at 1211 Newcastle Street, Suite E in uptown Beaufort. Herban Marketplace will be relocating to this space (two doors down from their current location) in August 2014.

Mastriani-Levi is the best-selling co-author of the books Balance for Busy Moms: Cook Your Way to Health and Balance for Busy Moms: A Stress-free Guide to Tranquility and through her company, Mannafest Living, provides holistic health coaching and personal chef services for clients using fresh, organic, vegetarian cuisine with an ethnic twist.

The Beginner Healthy Eating Classes are designed to give an introduction into the principles of authentic healthy eating, including: organics, food preparation, ingredient replacement, sprouting, whole grains, eating to avoid nutritional deficiencies, proper equipment, meal planning, and colon cleansing. Recipes, demonstrations, and samples will be provided.

Beginner class schedule and topics are:
August 3, 2014: “Where do I start? How do I make it Simple?”
Sept. 7, 2014: “Meat Replacements: Good Protein Sources and Feeling Satisfied”
Sept. 28, 2014: “Greens: Why do we need them? Sprouting 101.”
Oct. 26, 2014: “Whole Grains & Gluten. “
Nov. 23, 2014: “Eating to Avoid Nutritional Deficiencies.”
Dec. 21, 2014: “Oil pulling. Colon cleansing.”

The Beginner Healthy Eating Class size is limited and the cost is $30 per class per person and must be prepaid. Registration closes a week in advance of each class. Register at Herban Marketplace (1211 Newcastle St., Beaufort) or call 843- 379-5550.

The Advanced Healthy Eating Class is a 6-class series designed for those who are already committed to and knowledgeable of healthy eating basics and wish to learn in-depth techniques for expanding their food preparation repertoire. Detailed information and hands-on demonstrations in raw foods preparation (sprouting, hummus, nut milks, fermentation, dehydrating) and includes making your own Kombucha!

The Advanced Healthy Eating Class starts Sunday July 20 and will then meet on Aug. 17, Sept. 14, Oct. 12, Nov. 9, and Dec. 7, 2014 from 3 – 5 pm. For more details on the topics covered in this advance series please visit www.herbanmarketplace.com or contact the store at 843.379-5550.

The Advanced Healthy Eating Class size is limited and cost the is $40 per class per person and must be prepaid. Registration closes a week in advance of each class. Register at Herban Marketplace (1211 Newcastle St., Beaufort) or call 843- 379-5550.

About Sarah Mastriani-Levi: Creator of Mannafest Living, Sarah serves as an International Holistic Health Coach and Personal Chef. She is often referred to as a boldly authentic spiritual pioneer, creative visionary and inspirational catalyst. She lectures internationally, offers workshops and holistic health coaching for the health-curious to the avidly health-conscious.

Sarah serves as personal chef /caterer specializing vegan, vegetarian, and raw foods. She teaches food-prep to both children and adults, as well as offers workshops, and seminars.

Parallel to her holistic consulting and various food services, she actively home-schools her 4 children, as a single parent, raising them with a strong bond to nature. She has raised them in an ecological manner, in harmony with nature. Her children have grown from all of the fresh goodness that nature has to offer, both physically and spiritually. She is co-author of the book Balance for Busy Moms: A Stress-free Guide to Tranquility published in March 2014. www.mannafest-living.com

Herban Marketplace is the Lowcountry’s premier all organic and all-natural grocery store. Herban Marketplace is focused on providing the best quality organic shopping experience with the goal of assisting its customers along their path to good health. Herban Marketplace welcomes those with special dietary needs and strives to offer its customers many alternatives to suit their lifestyle whether vegetarian, vegan, wheat and gluten-free, organic, raw, or gourmet.