Author: Vivian Bikulege

Deciding to Tri 

On March 9, I finished the Parris Island Sprint Triathlon. Key word: Finished. However, it is the journey to the end of the race at the heart of the experience. A cliche I know, the journey being the better part of the destination, but it is the better part of the story.

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All Ears  

Listen, listen… winter’s gone. Finches whistle, “Here’s the sun!” Pop, pop, bulbs sprout. Leaves grow, flowers shout. ‘Listen, Listen,’ Phillis Gershator & Alison Jay

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Delighting in Change 

I’ve been thinking a lot about transformation. My own. It is my chosen word of the new year. Past attempts at forming myself around a single word or focus have included balance, clarity, and inspiration. I’m not sure I have ever been successful, but I strove for what I needed at the time. This year, something inside of me wants to see great change, and I wonder if it won’t be the small changes that will end up making the biggest differences.

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Puppy Flap

I hate needles. Not knitting or embroidery needles. The kind you stick into skin and veins, shoulders and buttocks. I must be afraid of them or of pain. Anticipation of blood tests, flu shots, or Novocain, coupled with the rub of a cotton ball and fumes of alcohol, causes the blood to drain from my head and I pass out. The medical term for my fainting is vasovagal syncope.

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Time Choices

‘Cause time is the worst kind of friendAlways there till you need it, then gone in the endOh but love is stronger than it… – Georgica Pond – Johnnyswim

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At the Edge

      To be at the edge. It seems we exist there without even knowing it. The next step, a leap, a dive, a fall, an escape, an exodus. Maybe it is the brink of success or failure, the fringes of health or sickness, or the boundary between life and death.

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Inspired by Less

Don’€™t be afraid of deep places. – Matthew Kelly This past Christmas, I visited my brother’s family in the Upstate with my sister Stacie. It was the most time I have spent in a car with my sister in forever. We were carrying out Santa’s good work by delivering our gifts and experiencing the love in receiving.

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Grape Jelly

I made myself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich today. I am going to a book club and members are invited to bring a sack lunch to eat over conversation. I love peanut butter. I love jelly too, but not grape jelly. That is what is in the refrigerator. It was my Mom’s jelly.

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Northbound Ease

I do not know where I came from . . . For I do not remember. – Augustine of Hippo, Confessions It is raining in Nova Scotia. I am in Havre Boucher, a small fishing village in Antigonish County, camping at Hyclass Campground, site B13. There is a bathhouse and laundry, a playground, a couple of outhouses and a rocky point of land jutting into St. Georges Bay. I am warm, dry, writing. Hyclass. High class. It is all about perspective.

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