Author: Mallory Baches

Back to the Future ­– the Option of Urbanism

Author, Educator and Developer Christopher Leinberger was recently a speaker for the 2012 CNU Beaufort Lecture Series. Christopher gave a wonderful presentation titled “Back to the Future” that gave an overview of the current state of the US real estate market and economic development outlook.

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Slow Food & Slow Urbanism

  Is there a correlation between the Slow Food Movement and people’s general concern about the loss of quality of life associated with rampant development that threatens the character of their community? The Slow Food Movement started in Europe as a reaction to the onslaught of American fast food chains opening in historic towns and cities. These chains disrupted the tradition of restaurants and cafés that worked within a local and regional network of farm to market to table.

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CNU Lecture Series: Looking Back and Forward

As we have recently closed the book on 2011, it’s a great time to celebrate our amazing Lecture series from 2011.  Our local Congress for the New Urbanism (CNU) group brought Beaufort a series of world class speakers.  We are currently planning 2012 and look forward to our third year of bringing pertinent speakers to Beaufort.

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Authentic Urbanism and the Neighborhood Church

    “119. For the temple of the principal church, parish, or monastery, there shall be assigned specific lots; the first after the streets and plazas have been laid out, and these shall be a complete block so as to avoid having other buildings nearby, unless it were for practical or ornamental reasons.” – The Law of the Indies, 1573 by order of King Phillip II of Spain

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What to do with a Cul-de-sac?

A case study in retrofit design by Brown Design Studio For urban designers, town planners and architects, one of the biggest challenges they face today is the amount of suburban repair work needed. Over fifty years of suburban investment with the most world’s most prolific economic engine means that there is much work to rethink.

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Building Resilient Communities

Many of today’s front page headlines describe just how vulnerable our society seems to be right now: be it the growing unemployment rate, a rise in prices of the oil we are so dependent on, the impact of climate change on our natural environment, food insecurity and contaminated industrial systems, the struggle of our students to keep up with their foreign peers. Rarely do we view these vulnerabilities as related, and yet, particularly when times are difficult is it most critical to do so, if we are to most efficiently and effectively guide ourselves through the challenges we face.

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Does It Pay To Grow Urban?

Leading New Urbanist and author Peter Katz to speak at TCL CNU Carolinas Chapter is proud to present Peter Katz on Wednesday, November 2. He will be speaking at the Technical College of the Lowcountry’s Main Auditorium at 6 pm. This event is free and open to the public.

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Rail Trails: What’s Their Track Record?

 The South Carolina Department of Transportation was recently awarded a million-dollar federal grant to begin construction on the inaugural section of the Beaufort Rail Trail. Along with a 20 percent match from Beaufort County, the proposed trail will follow the right-of-way of the old Port Royal Railroad, beginning at the former port facility in Port Royal and terminating in Yemassee.

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