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New Year’s Advice That’s Always in Fashion

Here we find ourselves at the end of yet another year of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness, and my most fervent prayer is that you, dear readers are active in all three! There is nothing like your Golden Years to move you into waxing nostalgic! FASHIONGRANNY has had a great year; I have truly enjoyed dispensing fashion advice.

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Looking Forward, Looking Back

Dear FASHIONGRANNY,   I love your column! I am 64 years young, way past pleasingly plump and totally out of it when it comes to current fashion rules…. not as if I can look at Glamour Magazine with all those beautiful skinny girls! I have been out of the country for many years and before that, I lived on Maui, with their unique fashion sense. So now that I have moved to this beautiful area, my question is: Is it appropriate for me to continue to wear ankle length dresses (not muu muu’s please!) that hide my ugly veins and thick ankles?

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Picking Your Battles

Dear FASHIONGRANNY, My daughter is 14 years old and is attending a school dance. I call it a “dance” because that is what it was called when I was in school. I am having a hard time convincing her to wear an age appropriate, lady-like dress, as she wants to wear her regular jeans and tee shirt look. Would you have any “looks” in mind that will make her happy and soothe my nerves? Signed, They didn’t tell me about this part of Motherhood

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An American in Paris

Howdy Fashionistas! I’m back!   Yes! FASHIONGRANNY has returned from her whirlwind European fashion investigative tour with great news, good news and ho-hum news. Before I get into that, just let me tell you how beautiful Paris was in especial!   I know many of my FASHIONGRANNY readers have had the pleasure of a trip to Paris and will echo my sentiments in heralding, undoubtedly, one of the most beautiful cities on the planet.

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Solid Colors, Solid Advice

Dear FASHIONGRANNY, What’s up with women today? I want to be the best gent I can be when I am out on a date with a woman, but they just won’t let me! Case in point: I go to open their doors and they’ve already gotten out or say they can do it themselves. I stand up when my date returns from the ladies room at a restaurant, and she asks me why I’m standing! I attempt to pay the dinner bill discreetly and she wants to know how much it is and tell me how much to tip! Don’t women know how they should be treated? It seems not! I am not allowed my full manhood! Help me please! Signed, Frustrated Knight in Shining Armor

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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow?

Dear FASHIONGRANNY, I am in my ‘60s and I am considering letting my hair grow from a ”below the ears” length to a jaw line or mid-neck length. I want to look my best, so I am a bit hesitant. Is longer ok at my age or should I shoot for short and perky? Signed, Not a Stepford Wife

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What Fashion Is

Howdy Fashionistas,   FASHIONGRANNY recently received an email asking me to define the words FASHION and FASHIONISTA. Even though these definitions are readily available in the dictionary, I took this three-part question (yes, there’s more), addressed to me, as an opportunity for personal definition by FASHIONGRANNY. What do I think Fashion is? The third part of the question was: Do I think anybody really gives a hoot about Fashion anymore… am I not wasting my time writing about this topic in a country where people are going to wear what they want to wear anyhow?

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No Choos & No Chewing

Dear FASHIONGRANNY,   At the risk of doing my own publicity…I have a great figure. I’m in shape and all the good stuff that goes along with it. I am 32 years old and have just bought myself a screaming hot new bathing suit. Looking in all the fashion magazines, I see that wearing heels with your swimsuit seems to be the new look and I love it! It makes your legs look longer and sexier. What do you think of this fashion fad?   Signed, Young and Lovely

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