If you’re visiting downtown Beaufort this summer, be sure to turn off Bay Street onto Port Republic to enjoy the impromptu exhibit created by The Art Posse, a new art reality tv show filming around Beaufort County.

The Art Posse highlights the hilarious antics of nine of the most untalented students ever recruited, ages 26 to 91, as they try to learn how to paint! The Posse just wrapped up filming Season One and celebrated at HogsHead, a popular local Moss Creek restaurant. They were hosted by two crazy dinosaurs – Danie Connolly and Tamela Maxim – and enjoyed live bluegrass music by Flatt Silly.

The event was professionally judged by Beaufort artists extraordinaire Beth Williams, Richard White and Debi West, who awarded ribbons to the lucky artists!

The Art Posse is a fun alternative for people who love art but don’t know which end of the brush to paint with! They are responsible for creating fantastic atmospheres in restaurants and helping business people create colorful looks in needy environments. They are not affiliated with any other art association; everyone is welcome.

The theme of the artwork currently gracing downtown windows is a salute to summertime in Beaufort. Wander down Port Republic Street, and youll see brightly colored flamingos at a cocktail party, goofy fishermen selling their catch with interested seagulls flying overhead, a mock stained glass patriotic flag, a couple of cats enjoying holiday fireworks, hundreds of streetfront houses decked out in American flags, and crusty old tattooed sailors enjoying the views. 

In short, The Art Posse is celebrating life in Beaufort, South Carolina!

More artworks are planned for additional windows and will be installed in the upcoming weeks. Come see for yourselves!

To enjoy Season One of The Art Posse, subscribe for free to YouTube! The Art Posse will be auditioning for Season 2 students soon!