Tracye Stormer must have been paying close attention while she was growing up in Beaufort. Her grandmothers imparted plenty of wisdom, observations, and creativity, which the writer has now transformed into a shelf of books. Things My Grandmothers Said is her latest, and to celebrate, Tracye is having a booksigning on Saturday, December 1st. The signing is from 10am to 1pm, at the Performance Space at the Arts Council of Beaufort County, 1111 Boundary Street in uptown Beaufort.


"I have four grandmothers and I love them very much," Tracye explained. "I especially love to visit them and hear them talk about when they grew up. It’s like I get my very own history lesson. My grandmothers say things to me that I sometimes don’t understand. Birds of a feather, cows and tails, bees and honey, catching hogs. I just look at them and say, “Huh?”  They always explain what they mean and I do a little learning in the process. Some things you learn just from living."
    Things My Grandmothers Said is also a continuation of Tracye's partnership with local artist and educator Kristen Munroe. The have worked together to produce The Three Graces, a children's book, and two novels, Hooked Up and In the Pursuit of Happiness. Much more is planned for 2008, and lots of details can be found at
"Sometimes I feel things so heavy in my spirit it is as if there are layers of words laying on me," Tracye said. "They don’t go away until I sit and type out what I feel."