David Boggs

Born of a desire to make the New Testament’s Gospels flow as a smooth narrative for both experienced Bible readers and new seekers, The Consolidated Gospel is David D. Boggs’ lovingly-researched work from the King James Version.

Telling the life of Jesus as a single storyline, combining Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, Boggs has created a moving version that uses language direct from the King James Version, but eliminates duplication and conflicts from the different Gospels.

For deeper study, and especially useful for church leaders in writing sermons, the book includes a comprehensive index that cross-references elements from Jesus’ life and cites each mention. For instance, the story of Jesus healing the blind and lame in the Temple is mentioned only in

Matthew 21:14-16, but the Parable of the Wedding Feast is in both Matthew and Luke.

Boggs explains that scholars believe the Book of Matthew was written around AD 90, primarily for the Greek-speaking Christian-Jewish people; Mark, dated 20 years earlier, was written for non-Jewish people, particularly those with Roman background. Luke was written between AD 70-80, focusing on the universal nature of Christianity.

The Book of John was written last, probably around AD 90-100, and wasn’t written as a biography of Christ. Instead, it’s an interpretation of his life and was an early attempt to establish Christian doctrine.

“How many people, when deciding to read about Christ Jesus’ life and teachings, begin and finish after one Gospel, satisfied that they’ve read enough?” Boggs asks.

“Or when reading the four Gospels, grow bewildered stumbling on the path of duplications, inconsistencies and contradictions? To read one consolidated version is to focus on a clear path with a singular view of all the occurrences and details the writers of the four Gospels intended us to know.”

A retired executive and student of religion, world and ancient history, philosophy, classic literature, and biographies, Boggs lives in Beaufort with his wife. He enjoys reading, woodworking, exercising, and travel, and holds religious services at Parris Island.

David Boggs will be signing copies of The Consolidated Gospel at 1 pm on Saturday, April 6th at Urban Brew + Co, 2139 Boundary Street, Suite 104.