Of the 100 local artists who entered The Society of Bluffton Artists’ 27th Annual Judged Show, 18 winners were awarded first, second and third place cash awards in the following

A crowd gathers to hear the winners of the 27th Annual Judged Show during an opening reception July 7 at the SOBA gallery in Old Town Bluffton

categories: oils, acrylics, watercolor, photography, mixed media and other art during an opening reception July 7.

“It was a pleasure to jury this fine collection of art,” said David Rankin, a nationally renowned artist who judged the entries. “It is a vivid testament to the creative efforts of the artists and art community here in Bluffton. Excellence in art is a hard-won achievement that artists struggle to achieve through their individual creative skills, efforts, and inspiration. And this 27th annual compilation is one the local art community can be proud of. I hope you will come walk through this exhibition and enjoy the diversity of styles and achievements.”

The Judged Show exhibit is on display through Aug. 1st at the SOBA gallery, on Church Street in Old Town Bluffton. To view all of the winners, visit http://bit.ly/SOBAJudgedShow.



The winners included:

The “Best In Show” winner for “Aegan Blue” is Dennis Lake.

Dennis Lake walked home with “Best In Show” for “Aegan Blue”

In Category 1: Oils, winners are:

  • 1st Place — “Resting Spot,” Jackie Nutter
  • 2nd Place — “Reverie,” Bill Winn
  • 3rd Place — “South From Daws Island,” James Cawley
  • Honorable Mention — “My Happy Place,” Julia Kamenskikh


In Category 2: Acrylic, winners are:

  • 1st Place — “Velocity,” Audrey Salkind
  • 2nd Place — “Morning Coffee at Cafe,” Lin Hilts
  • 3rd Place — “Globally Clean,” Cheryl Arnold
  • Honorable Mention — “Friends Forever,” Wyn Foland


In Category 3: Watercolor, winners are:

  • 1st Place — “Three Friends,” Brenda Fallon
  • 2nd Place — “Blooming Again,” Barbara Pecce
  • 3rd Place — “The Gathering,” Patricia Wilund
  • Honorable Mention — “Little Ruby,” Loraine Mullaney


In Category 4: Photography, winners are:

  • 1st Place — “Anticipation,” Suzanne Fiorino
  • 2nd Place — “A Bird’s Eye View,” Melinda Welker
  • 3rd Place — “Tranquility,” Steven Higgins
  • Honorable Mention — “Chechessee Storm,” Ed Kelly
  • Honorable Mention — “Reflections of Connections,” Jo Paduch
  • Honorable Mention — “Cool Contemplation,” Savannah Kemper


In Category 5: Mixed Media, winners are:

  • 1st Place — “Hanami,” Tamara Garvey
  • 2nd Place — “Bucket Full of Blues,” Joan McKeever
  • 3rd Place — “Believe in Spring,” Donna Varner
  • Honorable Mention — “Guardian Angel,” Pam Davis


In Category 6: Other Art, winners are:

  • 1st Place — “Unconsidered Trifles: Dispensary Bottles,” Kara Artman
  • 2nd Place — “Pride,” Mary Burrell
  • 3rd Place — “On the Road to Hanna,” Pat Diemand


About the Judge:

David Rankin promotes conservation and appreciation of the natural world through his paintings and has worked with organizations such as the International Crane Foundation, the Wild Bird Society of Japan, the Corporate Conservation Council-Japan and the Smithsonian Institution. He is a Signature Member of the Ohio Watercolor Society, Artists for Conservation, and the Society of Animal Artists where he has served on the board since 1990. David is one of the true modern-day masters of transparent watercolors, exuding a dynamic passion for the medium in his lectures, demonstrations, and workshop instruction. His art reflects his profound passion for both watercolor and nature. He is a graduate of the Cleveland Institute of Art and lives in Cleveland, Ohio, with his wife, Deanna.