abstract-ted-jordan-blackprideThe Art League of Hilton Head presents Atelier/ABSTRACT opening with an artist reception on Thursday January 5, 5-7pm at the Art League of Hilton Head, Walter Greer Gallery at 14 Shelter Cove Lane, Hilton Head Island.  The exhibit runs through January 28.  The public is cordially invited. 843-681-5060 or visit www.artleaguehhi.org

Over 20 member artists are exhibiting in this showcase of abstract art. This article will introduce three artists who have distinctly different styles.  Marilyn J. Dizikes, who’s work “Maggiore” is featured, explains, “while I enjoy painting figures, landscapes and still–lifes, my greatest reward comes from painting abstractions.  Abstracts free the artist from visible subject matter.  The elements and principles of art become the subject.  Imagination and spirit guide the process.”  Her painting is part of a new series of narrow and vertical works, all 2 x 4 feet.  Color and value are her main considerations.  She paints layers and uses dripped rubber to maintain colors.  She never knows for sure what the result will be until she removes the final layer.


Vickie Jourdan emerged as an artist from a successful career in interior design. Vickie’s artwork has abstract-vickie-jourdanevolved over the years and she continues to experiment with acrylics, gel mediums, gesso and papers creating unique compositions of color and texture.  Her featured painting “Drifting” displays neutral colors that drift around the canvas with an infusion of soft gold and her ever present touch of red. In her other works bold patches may surround soft color fields or textured areas, or strong colors are set in contrast to enhance each other.  For the viewer’s eye the colors and shapes create a push and pull of foreground and background.  Some viewers feel that abstract works are “easy” ─  to the contrary!  To succeed in capturing and engaging the viewer without a representational narrative, by pure interplay of color, form and textural elements, that is the true challenge!  Words don’t do justice to these paintings – they need to be seen!


Ted Jordan is locally known for his delicate pencil drawings of African-American women and children.  These works have been the focus of a sold out solo exhibition at the Art League.  In this exhibit, Jordan will show one of his large abstractions painted in big, dynamic brush strokes.   The work is called “Black Pride” and it’s in bold primary colors.  Jordan earned an MA and MFA in Painting and Printmaking, taught painting, drawing and Modern Art history, and later brought his creativity to Hallmark Cards.  He excelled in creating greeting cards and became “Master Stylist” and Design Director.  Jordan’s childhood memories inspired him to launch Hallmark Cards’ successful Mahogany card line which celebrates African-Americans and the black experience.


For more information about January’s exhibition, which also includes the artwork of other Art League artists, call the Gallery 843-681-5060 or check the website www.artleaguehhi.org The Art League of Hilton Head is a not-for-profit membership organization dedicated to promoting and supporting the visual arts. It operates a Gallery in the Arts Center’s Walter Greer Gallery for the display and sale of artwork by its members.  The Gallery is open Monday-Saturday, 10:00 a.m. till 4:00 p.m.

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