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Of Guinea Pigs, Rainbows & Men

    Having a pet in the family rounds things out.  That’s not to say “pet-less” families are asymmetrical or deformed in any way.  It’s just that having a dog or cat around brings out an aspect of a person or a family that is otherwise hidden, hibernating in folks’ character.  There is a love and a great friendship that blossoms between man and beast in a way that isn’t really evidenced in love shared with another human being.  It can be more trusting, less risky.  I don’t admire people that treat their animals better than their next-door neighbor but I am affected by the quiet companionship between a devoted canine and a loving master.

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Whadda Bah-gan!

    Everyone needs to do this once, so they will know to never, ever do it again.I’m talking, of course, about a yard sale.    My Beloved and I recently held one. Did okay, actually — unloaded a lot of cr, uh, items we no longer needed, and made about $200.

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