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A Curious Outing

When I came to the end of the final book in the Harry Potter series, I remember thinking, “Wow, how about that? After all the analysis, all the scholarship, all the speculation and debate… it’s just a children’s story after all.”      With three little words – “All was well” – J.K, Rowling gave her legions of fans, both young and old, a parting gift of grace. She reminded us not to take her books, or our selves, too seriously.

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Waiting for Results

    “Everyone has polyps,” my buddy said, laughing on the phone.  I called her this past week to let her know everything seemed okay after an outpatient procedure at the Surgery Center.  “Just so that’s all it is.  But a polyp, no big deal.”

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Don’t Ever Do This.

    Don’t ever try to give a cat a bath. That’s just friendly advice.    One would think anyone over the age, or IQ, of 3 would know this. My sister, who is brilliant, beautiful, athletic, the works, at one point didn’t. Of course, she was probably only about 16 at the time.

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What’s Happening

may, 2024

Celebrate with Catering by Debbi Covington

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