Zeitgeist is German for spirit of the times. It’s what’s going on spiritually, culturally, or intellectually during a certain period of time.

What happens when you sell fear for years then actually need to sell fear but can’t for whatever reason? Never mind the fact that while fear motivates us all, it’s hitting below the belt. The boy cried wolf one time too many. The boy gets eaten first, but what happens after that? Hopefully the bullies get their comeuppance right after that boy, but how does them getting devoured help the rest of us other than to provide a cautionary tale for the ages? How many cautionary tales do we need when a deaf ear and a blind eye rule supremely—are rewarded supremely?

Politicians have sold fear since long before Watergate. Is this the election year when there’s not enough fear to go around? That sounds weird, doesn’t it? The tumult of it all as the waters calm. What lurks beneath? Is it just me or does every big election year seem worse than the last and the options never change?

A good rule of thumb I saw recently on @forgoodcode. “Have more than you show, speak less than you know. Was FDR right in his 1933 inaugural address when he said, “We have nothing to fear, but fear itself”? I sure hope so, but how do we get there? A question that presents itself here is how binary are you? Must we always be so black and white when intuition and life tell us that it’s all about the shades of gray?

What if the toothpaste actually never left the tube and we’ll have to get our foul fluoride fix someplace else? You ever think of that during these spirited times? What to do? What to do? Ring those hands.

I’m writing this column a bit early this time. By the time it comes out, I should be with my wife and daughter at the happiest place on Earth, Disney World. There will certainly be before the Disney bubble and after the Disney bubble. We’ve had a count down on two chalk boards for months now. My hope for this trip down to see Mickey and Minnie, aside from QT with my wife and daughter, is to find an anti-fear amulet left lying around by Walt himself. It’s there if one looks with innocent eyes. Wait, watch, and see.

All kidding aside, it’s a big deal for me to be going to Disney during Masters week. I won’t be assured of wall-to-wall coverage this year. I used to think the world should cease during this landmark event. I’ve even written in columns for Wholly Holistics, in a half-serious manner, that only ER’s and liquor stores should be open during “a tradition unlike any other. Part of my departure from devouring all things golf, especially the Masters, was the current PGA Tour commissioner selling a ton of fear about rival LIV golf. They were evil, he said. Naughty, he said. In fact, LIV was so naughty, he got in bed with them when no one was looking. Oh, that temptress of hypocrisy and her wretched charms. Hypocrisy was lurking beneath the surface there, and I had my fill of it. Times change, so I am proud I can.

Now that I’m hitting my middle age zeitgeist, I’m proud to say I’m more open-minded. I don’t always have to have Dukes mayonnaise. For those of you not from the South, Dukes isstandard issue for any sandwich in our neck of the woods. My kind scoffs at the idea of having any other sauce surround your meat and cheese of choice. To give you an idea of its importance, I recall my mother, in all seriousness, telling me that people west of the Mississippi River couldn’t get Dukes. She said it like they were third world over there. Pray for those non-Dukes people. You don’t know how good you have it until you realize the lack elsewhere. I always felt bad for my Aunt Billie in Austin, Texas, and prayed for her and poor unfortunate souls like her. My grandmother would send her Dukes from time to time that she had to ration until the next shipment of hope came to the rescue.

Ever have one of those dreams that stay with you all day? You are compelled to referencethis vapor the ensuing day so much you begin to wonder if she was real. Does she ever leave you? Was she there all along your journey and you’ve only just become aware? Awareness is key whether you are talking about fear or Dukes or the fear of losing Dukes. The power of imagination can create problems where they didn’t exist. Conversely, imagination can make problems vanish.

What fuels your creativity? Is it the aforementioned fear? Is it innocence? Is it animosity? The prism through which we view life matters. This is why I often preach meditation being part of your routine. It’s how such prisms are uncovered and rediscovered then reenvisioned, if need be. This creativity fuel is probably not the same all the time. Influences creep in like kudzu when you’re not minding the store. Keep in mind this is fodder for what you manifest. You don’t have to be an artist to be creative, only mindful.

Who do you look to for guidance? I’m not speaking of faith and religion here. I mean who on this Earthly plane of reality? Perhaps no one is best, if you are not sure. (Notice I didn’t break the fourth wall there.)

No one is coming to rescue you. What if that already happened? Maybe not literally, but what if? I mean, what if it’s been up to you all along? Keep in mind that zeitgeists come and go. It’s up to you, the decider, as to their staying power. Choose wisely by choosing your precious heart first.