Enrollment for the Girl2Girl Mentorship Program has now begun accepting applications for their Spring 2021 session, beginning March 13th, and concluding on June 5th. The program, which was founded under the non-profit organization Exquisite Kids, is an empowering program for pre-adolescent girls between 11-13 years old struggling with self-esteem issues.

“We meet with these young ladies every week and discuss topics related to their mental health and self-esteem.” shared one of the program founders, Jalesa Green. “Our program is designed to help young girls learn new tools to conquer their lack of confidence to become stronger students and people.”

The program has outlines topics and creates activities to tap into each young girl’s personality while teaching them how to successfully transition into young adulthood. The digital age we are in has certainly evolved the kinds of experiences that young people face and oftentimes makes the internal struggle to understand and find one’s self confusing and difficult. The program founders believe that by creating safe spaces for these young girls to learn, share, and grow, can do wonders for their overall self-esteem and their future.

“One of the things that drove us to create this program was our own experiences,” shares program co-founder Kim Bowman. “Jalesa and I met in middle school and remembered how impactful that time was for us. As adults now, we know what we lacked and want to fill that void for these young girls so they can be as strong-minded and incredible as we know they can be.”

For more information, and to enroll your pre-adolescent daughter, visit www.girl2girlmentorship.org