Herban Marketplace is rooted in goodness, purity and the intention of giving back. It’s because of this mentality that Earth Day is so special to us. As you likely know, Earth Day is celebrated worldwide on April 22. It’s a celebration that occurs without consideration of the background, faith, or nationality of those celebrating. Why is that? I think it’s because we’re all human and all have the same needs and desires for even the most basic necessities the Earth can provide. When you look at it that way, nothing else seems to matter as much; at least I think so.

Earth Day means many things to many people. Overall, it’s intended to raise public awareness about a variety of environmental issues. Some are more complex than others and some of the issues are very broad. Whether we’re acting to save a certain species or attempting to recycle or use less pesticides in and around our homes, we’re acting, we’re thinking and we’re stopping to take inventory of all that makes our beautiful Earth our home.

At Herban, we are all about using fewer chemicals, eating and living purely and teaching people how to be well. We want to empower those who think living better is harder and who think caring for yourself, your loved ones and yes, our Earth, by way of the foods you eat and the products you use is too complicated. We want, so desperately, to shout from our rooftops “IT’S NOT TRUE!” But that’s our mission. What’s yours?

We’d honestly like to know how you celebrate your Earth Day. What will you be doing to honor this day – and more importantly, do you plan to honor our world and the people in it (that means YOU too!) each and every day? We’re always here to help you along the way.

So on April 22, we not only hope you’ll “Go Green,” but also truly evaluate your actions and your daily habits. We encourage you to live the best life you can!