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Mystery Plant

What is the most mollycoddled plant in these United States? On which plant do we spend the most time and money encouraging it to grow, only to regularly whack it down? You’re getting warm. What plant do we allow to grow brown and ugly for months every year, and yet we keep it? You’re almost there. What plant covers more acreage in the U.S. than any agricultural crop?  Maybe all agricultural crops combined?

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The Long, Hot Summer

Whew! How did we ever make it through? I moved down here from the north because I didn’t want to spend 3 months of every year, stuck in the house not gardening because of the weather. Little did I realize I would be doing the same thing here . . . only the months would be different.

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To Bee or Not to Bee

Well, of course it’s better to bee. Let’s start with honey bees. There’s a lot of conflicting information about whether or not honey bees are endangered. The honey bee is actually an immigrant from Europe, Africa and Asia; not native to this country at all, so honey bees are not on our Endangered Species List.

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Winter Blues and Blahs

Christmas is weeks past and there are still a few reminders hanging around waiting to be put away, but like dust on my furniture, they’ve been around for so long I hardly notice them. After the holidays, I just had no oomph left to do anything about either. Sigh. I’m in the Doldrums.

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