Author: Katherine Tandy Brown

Haircuts and Hydrangeas

A few days ago, I “ran” into a neighbor as we rolled our trash containers to the curb for pickup. Six feet apart, of course. He always has a smile and a wave, and I was delighted at the chance to have a chat with him. After establishing the fact that our respective households were well – definitely protocol these days – he said he had a story for me. Turns out his son-in-law, daughter, and their 3-month-old baby had been visiting from Up East when the world scaled back. Several weeks later, they’re still here with grandad Doug and his wife. I’m sure lots of folks who can only see their grands virtually right now would be envious of the quality time this family is experiencing.

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These Times

In 1776 philosopher and writer Thomas Paine famously penned, “These are the times that try men’s souls.” They were indeed, as the Revolutionary War raged, dividing the populace. Never having experienced a war on American soil in my lifetime, I can only imagine how those people dealt with their day-to-day’s, with no idea what direction tomorrow might take. For many folks the current corona virus pandemic has triggered that fear of the unknown, perhaps mirroring the initial confusion brought about by 9-11. 

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Heave Ho!

Now that January has come and gone, how’re those New Year’s resolutions workin’ for you? It’s only the second month, so maybe you’re still rockin’ along, feeling good, getting things done, fiercely determined to achieve your goal this time. If so, keep up that good work. If not, you may find comfort – and camaraderie – in the following statistics:

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What’s Happening

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