Author: Jack Sparacino

More Great Peeps, Even After Easter

“I had dinner with Vladimir Putin once. He made me lose my appetite… Katy Couric asked about his bloodless behavior in the wake of the Kursk submarine disaster in the summer of 2000, when the boat sank and all 118 on board were killed. She pressed him on why he didn’t come back from vacation when all those Russian sailors were suffering and dying in the submarine at the bottom of the sea. His face completely changed, almost as though he had ripped off a “Mission Impossible” mask. Suddenly, he stared coldly at Katie, every inch the minacious K.G.B. agent. He looked like Richard Widmark playing a psychotic thug in a 50’s film noir. Just beneath the surface of the leader was a killer.” Maureen Dowd, “Trump, Having a Bawl in Europe” (7/15/18 The New York Times)

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