Author: Sutty Suddeth

COVID, 19 Things I’ve Noticed

During this watershed period of time I’ve tried to meditate even more—to notice more. One conclusion I feel it’s safe to come to is the fact that this period of time is about change to our race. A quote from Carolina Head Coach Will Muschamp comes to mind as something that bears being mindful about: “Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.” The following paragraphs are nineteen items I’ve noticed and hope to grow from in some manner. My hope is that it spurs others to do the same.

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Collective Compassion

            Since my last Wholly Holistics article we find ourselves in a whole new world. Corona has brought the planet to a different place. A place where our conveniences and our outlets for food and entertainment are vastly limited and vastly different. We’ll call it a parallel universe, ‘cause that’s what it is these days, even if I weren’t writing a holistic piece.

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Master Class: Things One Picks up Along the Path

The following is a compilation of things I’ve picked up along the path of Spirituality. A path I chose at 17 after being raised a conservative Christian. Is it a comprehensive list? I don’t know that; you tell me. I feel if it were comprehensive, this would likely be my last column, if you catch what I’m putting down. Some of these will be simple statements of my observations, leaving you to draw your own conclusions, and others I’ll explain as best I can.  

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Shadow Land

 “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me…”              Why am I quoting Psalms 23:4? Wholly Holistics is all about highlighting different perspectives, especially about things that many mumble by memory because the rest of the flock is doing so.

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What’s Happening

october, 2021

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