Tatiana Zalapskaia Tatum

The University of South Carolina Beaufort is delighted to announce “Escape Velocity,” a captivating exhibition that presents capstone works of nine graduating Studio Art majors. With a reception on Thursday, April 25 at the Sea Islands Center Gallery, 1106 Carteret Street, Beaufort, this showcase is a testament to the diverse talents of USCB’s emerging artists.

Escape velocity is the maximum speed a body needs to gain, to escape a gravitational field of a larger object. It reflects a graduating artist’s experience, as these students gather momentum to go forth, each in their own unique trajectory, each reaching for the stars.

Melissa King presents her own take on pin-up illustration. Working in digital media, she raises a question: what kind of beauty is allowed to be playful and flirtatious?

Nadia McKinney captures the allure of celebrities with her grayscale portraits. Strong compositional approach and textural studies explore the vibrant world of pop-culture and what it means to be an icon.

Eli Smith merges the kinetic energy of comic books with Christian motifs. He offers a deep dive into Art History by associating superheroes with Raphael’s School of Athens and super-villains with early Gothic depictions of Hell.

Trang Dao invites us into her cultural narrative through detailed drawings and printworks, each piece a thread in the fabric of her heritage.

Anna Szalc revives the spirit of Norman Rockwell, her illustrations reflecting the quaint charm and simple truths of American life.

Mason Martin ensnares the imagination with his horror survival video game, a journey through darkness and creepy Mannequins with only flashlight in your hand.

Benjamin Kelehear pushes the envelope with digital art, challenging perceptions and engaging the viewer with innovative concepts and executions. His sculptural work also lights up. So cool.

Tatiana Zalapskaia Tatum makes art for “children with grey hair” – deeply emotional paintings and ceramic sculpture, that nurture the inner child. 

Logan Gaymon delves into the miniature worlds of small creatures like mice and roaches, through prints and sculptures that highlight the beauty and intrigue of the oft-overlooked. “Everyone sometimes feel small, so this is someone many people can relate to.

The exhibition’s reception on April 25, from 5:30 – 8 pm, offers an opportunity to engage with the artists, savor light refreshments, and dive deep into the stories behind the art. The artist talks, starting at 6:30 pm, promise insights into the creative journeys that have culminated in this showcase.

“Escape Velocity” celebrates the innovative spirit and diverse talents of USCB’s Studio Art majors, marking the beginning of their journey into the broader art world. This event is free and open to all, embodying the essence of discovery, imagination, and the transformative power of art.

For all questions please contact Sea Islands Center Gallery at seaislandscentergallery@uscb.edu or professor Joanna Angell at angelle@uscb.edu