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Autumn Ramblings

I read an article this past Labor Day weekend and it noted that autumn is a lot like beginning a new year because it signals a new phase or a period of renewal in our annual journey. Kids go back to school, companies reassess their year-end fiscal positions and a seasonal shift in our wardrobes takes place.

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Morbid Curiosity

        I’m a little ashamed of myself.  I usually let headline news come to me.  I don’t seek drama out.  However, when the tragedy at Virginia Tech unfolded and we learned that Cho had mailed a multi-media information package to NBC the same day of his deadly massacre, I went to nbc.com to view the video.  Because of blocks put on my company laptop, my access was denied and I was almost relieved when that prohibitive screen popped up.  I never did view the video or hear Mr. Cho speak.  Probably for the best.  His message seems to be one of misguided retaliation and his methods left me speechless in our common quest to understand why.

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