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The Boy Who Lived…and Lived…and Lived…

    By the time you read this, we’ll have had our Harry Potter books in our hot little hands for several days. While you may have finished yours already, I almost certainly have not; I’m the slow, savoring type. If you see me on the street, hands over my ears, babbling incoherently, looking neither left nor right, please don’t take offense. I’m in lockdown mode ‘til I finish the book, determined to avoid spoilers of any sort. As I began this column, some 48 hours before the book’s release, I was already steering clear of cyberspace, where some scoundrel had reportedly leaked Deathly Hallows days in advance. (That’s vintage Voldemort right there!) My friend K, also a Potterite, is a speed-reading freak of nature. I’m not taking her calls at the moment.

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