My Essence of Beaufort

The Charles Street Gallery's exhibition series continues with Betsy Chaffin's show of colorful crosshatches and depth-giving tar until November 24th, followed by the 4th Annual Invitational opening on Friday, November 30th with a reception from 5:30-9:30 with the fifteen artists who have created work for the innovative event. This year, the Invitational offers the theme of "My Essence of Beaufort." The interpretations of Beaufort by these artists will be multi-media, including photography. The Lowcountry scenes will be varied, the colors abundant, and the essence of Beaufort finely distilled. The 15 Artists are Eric Horan, Gary Geboy, Joshua Savage Gibson, Paul Keyserling, Jim Rothnie, Benton Lutz, Betsy Chaffin, Lynn Brown, Alexandra Sharma, Sharon DeAlexandris, Cabell Heyward, Rebecca Davenport, Kathy Crowther, Susan Graber, and Priscilla Coleman.

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