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Of Guinea Pigs, Rainbows & Men

    Having a pet in the family rounds things out.  That’s not to say “pet-less” families are asymmetrical or deformed in any way.  It’s just that having a dog or cat around brings out an aspect of a person or a family that is otherwise hidden, hibernating in folks’ character.  There is a love and a great friendship that blossoms between man and beast in a way that isn’t really evidenced in love shared with another human being.  It can be more trusting, less risky.  I don’t admire people that treat their animals better than their next-door neighbor but I am affected by the quiet companionship between a devoted canine and a loving master.

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Autumn Ramblings

I read an article this past Labor Day weekend and it noted that autumn is a lot like beginning a new year because it signals a new phase or a period of renewal in our annual journey. Kids go back to school, companies reassess their year-end fiscal positions and a seasonal shift in our wardrobes takes place.

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Getting By with a Little Help from My Friends

    For the first time this year, I went kayaking.  It was Father’s Day and I put in on Lucy Creek just off of Sams Point Road.  I was by myself but I wasn’t alone.  I counted eight dolphins on that solitary expedition; two of them were a mother and her calf swimming side by side, heading toward the marsh grasses to feed on fish they would corral.  It was a calm, dusty gray morning and the brackish water flowing around the kayak made a soft whir as it brushed against the boat’s polyethylene skin, filling the creek with a high tide.  The backdrop of the gray-white sky highlighted the vivid green of our new summer cord grass.

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Celebrate with Catering by Debbi Covington

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