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A Braided Essay

I.  The Message Upon arriving at the Chicago O’Hare International Airport during my most recent business trip, I took notice of one of those miniature billboards on the wall in the terminal corridor.  This one was an Accenture advertisement with a life size picture of Tiger Woods trying to chip a golf ball out of tall, yellow grass.  It was as if he sliced a drive and it left the fairway for a hay farmer’s field in the Midwest. 

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Don’t Lose Sight Of What Matters Most

    For those of us locked tight in the cholesterol padded cells of middle age, our changing and degrading eyesight is a new reality.  Eyes are our windows to the world and the split in our vision, corrected by the magic of bifocals, is an undeniable signal of our passing from youth to the ambiguity of mid-life.

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Grand Theft Cricket

        Maggie and the Pirate never makes the list.         You know the list I’m talking about: the Famous Movies Filmed in Beaufort list.        This is because Maggie and the Pirate wasn’t exactly a major motion picture with great production values and wide distribution.

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What’s Happening

may, 2024

Celebrate with Catering by Debbi Covington

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