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A Braided Essay

I.  The Message Upon arriving at the Chicago O’Hare International Airport during my most recent business trip, I took notice of one of those miniature billboards on the wall in the terminal corridor.  This one was an Accenture advertisement with a life size picture of Tiger Woods trying to chip a golf ball out of tall, yellow grass.  It was as if he sliced a drive and it left the fairway for a hay farmer’s field in the Midwest. 

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Time Is Of The Essence – Save Year-Round School!

        Well, I wasn’t going to get into this one. I prefer to stay above the fray on local issues, keeping my column national – even international – in scope. That’s just the worldly kind of gal I am. (Did I say “worldly”? I meant “cowardly”. Beaufort’s a small town and I have to live here!) But so many people have urged me to address this subject, I almost feel it’s my civic duty. Over the past few months, I’ve sparred with subversive cultural forces like poor grammar, celebrity rehab-abuse, and Britney Spears’ wardrobe. Today, ladies and gentlemen, we focus the microscope closer to home to examine the much-disputed Beaufort County School Calendar issue.

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