Author: Susan Murphy

Aunt Bossy: The Life Coach Your Mother Never Was

MARRIAGE PRISON  Dear Aunt Bossy,  I have a big problem and don’t know what to do. I have been married for a long time and my husband has never been very interested in doing the things I enjoy, but, as we get older, he has withdrawn more. I always worked and had my own friends, and got to travel, so I could stand it, but I am more and more isolated, and have to spend lots of energy trying not to be sad and lonely.

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Rules of Engagement

After our last issue hit the street, a few of you emailed or Facebooked me to ask, “Where’s your column?!” You have no idea how touched I was to know you missed me – or at least noticed my absence. And though the vast majority of you didn’t email or Facebook me, I trust you’re silently longing for an explanation, too.

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What’s Happening

november, 2022

DEBBI COVINGTON: My Fabulous Cooking Show

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