Author: Katherine Tandy Brown

Get What You Want: Manifesting 101

In 1968 young ‘Stones Mick Jagger and Keith Richards penned what eventually became Rolling Stone magazine’s 100th greatest song of all times, “You Can’t Always Get What You Want.” But thanks to the power of manifesting, maybe you can, as long as you embrace what the other half of the British Invasion assured, “All you need is love.”

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Soothing the Beast

You’re likely familiar with the quote: “Music has charms to soothe a savage beast.” Shakespeare, right? Wrong! Fellow English poet and playwright William Congreve actually said that. But no matter, for nothing has changed in the ensuing years. There’s still no shortage of beasts to soothe, be they real or imagined. Though your chances of facing a fire-breathing dragon are slim, thank goodness, if a situation or emotion feels real, it’s definitely in the “beast” category. And music can be your knight in shining armor.

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Heart to Heart

As February 14th rolls around again, it seems a given to chat about Valentine’€™s Day. Well, sort of. I’€™ll start with the day of hearts and flowers and segue into what’€™s meant to be a slice of practical offering that just might take an edge off the crazy energy of these times.

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Wholly Holistics, Batman!

Welcome to Wholly Holistics, a column that at its core, is vested in discerning life from an alternative point of view. We all know where to turn for mainstream, and perhaps you deny the yearning for more, but it’€™s still present among all but the most myopic of us. It’€™s okay to be safe. We just beg you not to be rigid. Do your best to be open without gullibility. Understand that feeling is believing. Much different than faith, and therein lies a fundamental difference in spirituality vs. religion. Actually, spirituality can enhance your religion. There’€™s so much to be gained from mixing salt and pepper. Mix a little sugar and spice€… that’€™s so nice.

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