The last entry in the steam room for your body at the time, it can pass through the birch broom. Birch juice soften the skin, palm-shaped broom is, in general, to stimulate the circulation of blood, improved, eventually, absorb the sweat, of blotting paper magazines, such as a porous broom method birch, sweat and toxins: it runs the three functions. In this state, dry vapor molecules in the body of the deep body, the toxin was diluted, will comply with it. The skin in generic prednisone this steam, probably kill the pathogen in the body. Therefore, Russian steam bath, have a beneficial effect on the human body, it is a good therapeutic effect. The medicinal plants of a number of pharmaceutical substances, you will receive can not be replaced with plastic. Related useful preparation of medicinal plants with a wide range of substances, has a number of advantages compared to synthetic drugs. Usually, better than the herbal medicine a patient is allowed, will cause much less chance of allergic reactions.