This is one of the largest discoveries in the ancient sages, magicians, astrologers, West and East. In space, the whole universe is the five elements - fire, water, wood, earth and air. Everyone tends to have a meal that distinguishes him from the Zodiac and the year of birth (science of astrology or Eastern Europe). For example, a person in the Year of the Dog (fire) March born member (Taurus - earth element) to attest and greater peace and quiet stay in the forest, and the house - from the reflection where can i buy arimidex online no prescription of a fire or candles. When a person sits in the fire, he has not only the physical, thermal, but also spiritual nourishment. View of the fire, he freed to run his mind smoothly anarchist ideas and direction, and then disappear altogether. That is meditation.2 l of water is much later I came across a report on a dedicated factory (VIZR protection research) ID Shapiro and the work of the All-Union Institute of scientific leaders of employees of NA Vilkova the issue of self-defense of the plants against pests year.